Helping parents everywhere teach their children to manage strong emotions.

Emotions are not easy for children to handle. It's a learning process.

From: Liviu & Alis

The purpose is to teach children about emotions, to learn how to understand and handle emotions, to learn how to recognize and express feelings in their own words.

As parents or teachers, we want our children to succeed! 

But what happens when they show signs of being emotionally weak?

Perhaps they get angry or anxious easily,


they’re biting their nails or breaking into tears at the smallest upset.

Teaching children how to understand and handle their emotions will give them a strong foundation for life


The storybook teaches children how to`

develop their emotions to express themselves in a positive way.

understand that experiencing emotions is normal and that everyone feels them.

✔ understand others’ feelings.

Anxious Hippo

A mindful technique to reduce anxiety and relieve tension

After a long summer vacation, it’s time for Anxious Hippo to return to school.

There, he discovers something unexpected that makes him feel very anxious. His best friend, Calm Hippo, knows the perfect solution to help Anxious Hippo overcome his fears.

No, anxiety is not fun!

Being anxious can stop you from making new friends or meeting new people.

But there’s a way to deal with it.

Start with a pizza!

Calm Hippo

A story about turning a bad situation around into a good one

Uncomfortable things happen.

Whether you wake up late on the morning of an important competition, or you miss the bus and have to walk to school, you can find ways to keep calm even when things go wrong.

Calm Hippo finds the silver lining in every tricky situation.

Let Calm Hippo help you learn how to stay calm, no matter what happens.

Angry Hippo

A simple way to resolve anger-provoking situations

Lots of things can make you angry.

From popsicle-stick castles that won’t stay in place to seeing that all the swings are already taken in the playground.

Angry Hippo’s friend Peaceful Hippo is there to give him a helping hand, and Angry Hippo learns a simple yet efficient technique for how to manage his anger.

Happy Hippo

A positive approach on how to accept new changes in life

Change can be difficult.

That’s because you’re required to step out of your comfort zone or familiar world, into the unknown.

Happy Hippo knows how to cope with change by seeing things in a different, happy way.

Even though he and his parents are moving away from what Happy Hippo knows, he remains positive, thinking about all the great things he will do and the new friends he’ll make in the new city.

Jealous Hippo

A practical way to deal with attention-seeking behaviour

Every child wants to be sure of their parents’ love and attention, no matter how many siblings are in the family. Sharing parental love and attention is harder for some children than for others.

At first, Jealous Hippo thinks being the older brother is fun and interesting thing, but as time goes on, he starts to compete for his parents’ attention and has jealous feelings toward his little brother.

But Jealous Hippo learns how much fun he can have teaching his little brother how to do all the things Jealous Hippo can already do, and he transforms his jealousy into love and friendship.

Sad Hippo

An easy way to deal with grief and overcome loss

The pain of loss can feel overwhelming. For Sad Hippo, losing his best friend, Charlie, the dog, is a painful thing as it is for all children who loved and lost their pets.  

To help him overcome the sadness, his friend Love Hippo teaches him to see things differently. Sad Hippo learns how to celebrate the love for his dog and all the memories they had together.