Solana Wallet: The Definitive Guide

If you want to find out more about what an NFT is and why the Solana blockchain is the best for launching our collection, check the intro video above.  

This guide walks you through all the steps needed to to buy Solana from an exchange, transfer it to your Phantom wallet and then Buy (mint) an NFT from our collection.

First step is to exchange your money into a cryptocurrency (Solana). For this you need to create an account on an exchange. After that you need to move Solana to your personal wallet.

Here’s a list of popular exchanges based on your location

U.S. based Buyers
Non-U.S. based Buyers

For this guide we are going to use Binance as reference. 

Summary steps

  1. Create Binance account
  2. Buy Solana on Binance
  3. Create Solana wallet using Phantom extension (Desktop only)
  4. Move Solana from Binance to Phantom Wallet
  5. Buy PumpEQ Hippos NFT

Step 1 & 2 – Create Binance account and buy Solana

Follow this official guide to Create and Verify an account.

Buy Solana using this guide

Step 2 & 3 – Create a Phantom wallet and Move Solana fromBinance

Step 5 – Buy PumpEQ Hippos NFT

After you moved your SOL from exchange to your Phantom wallet you are ready to Mint a NFT



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