How it started?

Do you recognize that child who enters the school door with his eyes lowered to the ground and walks towards the entrance door without looking up looking at the world around him? 

I was that child!

Fearful, full of worries that at any moment, something terrible or less pleasant was going to happen.

My story is probably not very different from many of you…

But the remembrance of things as I felt them as a child still touches a sensitive chord of my adult soul.

My fears have always been a constant in my life.

I remember that, in the kindergarten years, I was afraid that my mother would forget to take me home on time.

I remember counting the minutes until the bell rang and I, dressed and ready to leave, waited impatiently and emotionally to see my mother’s car parked in the schoolyard.

And the older I got…

The more I discovered other things that made me anxious and made my heart beat faster.

I looked around at braver children who dared to do something I only dreamed of.

But with age and experience, life has gradually shown me my emotional shortcomings and where work is needed to light all things misunderstood and forgotten.

We realize as adults that some of our significant problems have their roots in childhood and in what we felt and lived back then. 

But, unfortunately…

Our parents did not have the resources we benefit from today and did everything they could to provide us with the necessary education.

We are not here to point the finger at those responsible for our traumas, but to do everything in our power to constantly educate ourselves and educate healthy children not only physically but also emotionally.

I didn’t judge my parents for how well they knew how to communicate emotionally, but I realized that it is my duty, with my adult resources, to add value to my life.

The PumpEQ story started a month after I had the chance to meet Liviu.

We were both in a NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)  class where we had the opportunity to do an exercise together.

I can say that that was the moment when our lives connected beautifully, and today we are co-authors for the first book series, from the Pumpeq collection:

“This Is How I Feel” 

But none of us had ever thought about writing children’s books about emotions, even though our passion for neuropsychology and personal development often touched this area of ​​childhood.

After many discussions in which we both shared our principles of life and goals….

We gradually realized that we have the necessary resources to write children’s books to guide their emotions and healthily help them master feelings from an early age.

No wonder the first published book was “Anxious Hippo.” 

I had often wondered how practical such a book would have been to me when I was a child. Maybe, the events and experiences of adolescent life would have had a completely different meaning.

I now realize how helpful such a reading is at an early age. 

It’s vitally important to constantly train children’s minds in understanding the world around them and how the body and mind react to what is happening outside.

Emotions will always be there, present, but the goal is not to deny their presence. Instead, the plan is to know how to recognize them, understand them, and understand how the body reacts voluntarily or involuntarily. 

And all these things can be easily understood by children between 4 and 10 years old.

However, communication between a parent and his child is a constant that must exist regardless of age.

For us, the PumpEQ series is more than a passion for knowledge and learning.

It has become a mission to create meaningful stories through which children become aware of what is happening inside and outside them.


Talk soon,